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Create websites

Fullstack dev

Graphic design

It's time to update your image to 2021.
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Latest Works

keitherine art Logos & printables for companies
Graphic design Prints & branding
Look at some of the logos and graphic artwork I have designed for small & medium sized companies.
shoot the beat! Classic Fonts Tributes
Graphic design Printable design
A tribute inspired by some of my all-time favorite classic fonts.
shoot the beat! Promotional for the site
Graphic design Content creators
Artwork & edits for content creators and this site.
te3s te3s for Android
Game design 3D design
Reimagining the classic Tetris playstyle in a 3D environment, with 3-side based blocks. Engaging and original.
Cassandre project Cassandre exhibition
Graphic design Merchandise
An original exhibition involving fliers, pamphlets, posters, merchandising and mockups. A.M. Cassandre was my favorite graphic designer and I'm inspired a lot by his works.
Reol project Reol concept album
Graphic design Branding
People often mistake it for a real, official album - meaning my objective was met. Inspired by one of the most popular Japanese Pop artists, the project involved looking their discography and using it as inspiration for a hypothetical album.
Joseluisserra website JLS Website
Web design Branding
Professional website for businessman, coach and entrepreneur JL Serra, where clients can get informed and request services.
shoot the beat! shoot the beat!
Game design 3D design
With more than 10.000 downloads, stb! takes osu! maps and translates them to a real 3D shooter game made from scratch. This project involved tons of hours of coding and 3D design.
Coming soon.

Who I am

My goal is straight forward.

Get the message across
Keep it beautiful and clean



Web developer, Programer, Graphic Design student, Software and Videogame Developer. Astronomy, photography and physics aficionado. Love creating things and designing since I was young. Working as a programmer and designer.

  • Years of experience in several programming languages (C#, Java, Python, JS, etc.)
  • Vast knowledge in everything graphic design related
  • Expert front end and web design
  • Back end and databases
  • Visual Studio, Eclipse, Repositories in general
  • Unity, videogame design/programming, shaders, particle effects
  • Professional photography and editing, image/video: Vegas, Premiere, PS
  • Automation, Selenium
  • Spanish / English translation
  • PC Building and hardware repair
I create
  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Design graphics & merchandise
  • Videogames & more

  • Spanish (Native)
  • English (Native)
  • Japanese/Portuguese (Basic)

Education & Experience

UDE University - Uruguay

Graphic design major, attending
Started 2019

Academia A+ - Uruguay

Gamedev | Programming, design, animation, marketing
Graduated 2017

Java Developer - Uruguay

Job position: Java Developer | Back end, front end, graphic design
2018 - Present


Countless websites & graphics
2014 - Present

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